January 2017


The Wonder of Words, the Stupendousness of Speech, & the Laws of Language

David A. Wright, MD, MBA, MHSA (Medical Legal Consultants of Greater Atlanta)

Dr. Wright is an MD, a Board Certified Hypnotherapist, Board Certified NLP Practitioner, Board Certified TimeLine Therapy
® Practitioner, Board Certified NLP Mental Health Coach, & Psychoanalyst in training


Words Do MATTER!!! Don’t let ANYONE tell you otherwise Language is the background for our social lives, the framework for our ability to communicate, the basis of business, and the essence of what makes us tick. Its power cannot (nor should it ever) be forsaken or underestimated. I can still recall the first time that I came home to tell my mother what someone called me at school, and her response was “Son, those are only words. Does he know you?” Of course, the answer was “No.” However, that didn’t matter to me at the time that the words were uttered. It was only upon reflection prompted by my mother that I realized that the words had little meaning even though they were painful at the time.


Please believe me when I tell you that Language is the
Single Most Powerful Resource that we have as a species! However, don’t take my word for it. Look at the influence and power of those who’ve used language to the greatest effect: (1) Abraham Lincoln (2) Winston Churchill (3) Mohandas/Mahatma Gandhi (4) John F. Kennedy (5) Nelson Mandela (6) Martin Luther King Jr, PhD (7) Ronald Regan (8) Barack Obama, JD & Bill Clinton, JD (9) J.K. Rowling (10) Oprah Winfrey (11) Stephen King (12) Demosthenes (13) Pericles (14) Julius Caesar (15) Theodore Roosevelt (16) Chief Joseph (17) Alexander the Great (18) William Wilberforce (19) Tony Robbins (20) Sigmund Freud, MD (21) Franklin Delano Roosevelt (22) Charles de Gaulle (23) Socrates (24) George Washington (25) Plato (26) Aristotle (27) William Faulkner (28) Dwight D. Eisenhower (29) Marcus Tullius Cicero (30) General Douglas MacArthur (31) Adolf Hitler (32) Theodore Roosevelt (33) Jesus Christ (34) Moses (35) Patrick Henry (36) Frederick Douglass (37) Leon Trotsky (38) Fidel Castro (39) Jimmy Jones (40) Dwight D. Eisenhower (41) Susan B. Anthony (42) Lyndon B. Johnson (43) Jesse Louis Jackson (44) Malcolm X (45) Harry S. Truman (46) William Jefferson Clinton (47) Jimmy Earl Carter (48) Eliezer ("Elie") Wiesel (49) Lenin (50) Stalin (51) Harriet Beecher Stowe (52) Charles Darwin (53) Karl Marx (54) Simone de Beauvoir (55) Rene Descartes (56) Dante Alighieri (57) Adam Smith (58) Fyodor Dostoyevsky (59) Niccolo Machiavelli (60) Carl Jung (61) William Shakespeare (62) John Grisham (63) Danielle Steel (64) Homer (65) Virgil [Publius Vergilius Maro] (66) The Evangelist, Mark (67) Geoffrey Chaucer (68) John Milton (69) Voltaire [Francois-Marie Arouet] (70) Jane Austen (71) Hans Christian Andersen (72) Charles Dickens (73) Herman Melville (74) Leo Tolstoy [Count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy] (75) Emily Dickenson (76) Lewis Carroll (77) James Joyce (78) Franz Kafka (79) Thomas Stearns Eliot (80) Francis Scott Fitzgerald (81) George Orwell (82) Virginia Woolf (83) Harriet Beecher Stowe (84) Maya Angelou (85) Mary Shelley (86) Harper Lee (87) Ayn Rand (88) S.E. Hinton (89) Margaret Mitchell (90) Judy Blume (91) Pearl S. Buck (92) Laura Ingalls Wilder (93) Alice Walker (94) Agatha Christie (95) Helen Keller (96) Edith Wharton (97) Jack Canfield (98) Randy Gage (99) Stephan Schafeitel (100) Paul R. Scheele, PhD (101) T.D. Jakes (102) Milton Erickson, MD (103) Creflo Dollar (104) Joel Osteen (105) Iyanla Vanzant [Rhonda Eva Harris, JD] (106) Deepak Chopra, MD (107) Mehmet Oz, MD (108) Lisa Nichols [Life Coach/Public Speaker] (109) Paul Alphonse, MD [Urologist, Senior Medical Director, Past AMA Board Chairman & President] (110) Millard J. Collier, Jr., MD [Family Medicine Physician, Senior Medical Director, Public & Speaker/Atlanta's HipHop Doc, Past AMA Board Chair & President, Past GSMA Board Chairman & President] (111) F. Michael Toca, MD [Cardiologist, Senior Medical Director, AMA Board Chairman & Past President] (112) Patrick Griffith, MD [Neurologist, Senior Medical Director, Past AMA Board Chair & President] (113) Todd M. Antin, MD [Psychiatrist, Senior Medical Director, Public & Private Speaker, Lecturer] (114) John Johnson, MD, MBA [Internist, Public & Private Speaker, Senior Medical Director, Lt. Colonel in US Army] (115) Priscilla Hubbard, PhD, MBA [Executive Director of the AMA, Public Relations Firm Owner] (116) Bettye D. Wright, EdD, MA [Tenured University Professor & Administrator, Public & Private Speaker, Past School District Superintendent, Past President & Chairwoman of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Inc. Sorority Chapter, Past President & Chairwoman of The Links, Inc. Chapter, Past President of The Arkansas Reading Association].


The list above is not meant to be extensive, nor is it provided in any particular order. Of course, I added in a few contemporary local Atlanta favorites near the end (i.e.,
Dr. Alphonse, Dr. Collier, Dr. Toca, Dr. Griffith, Dr. Antin, Dr. Johnson, Dr. Hubbard, Dr. Wright). However, it’s completely irrelevant whether or not you like or appreciate anyone whom I listed. What is “REALLY” important is that you recognize the infinite power of language to move individuals, groups, states, countries, nations, continents, and cultures This list suggests the “Stupendous” Power of Language. And, as an aside, while I disdain everything that someone like Adolf Hitler stood for, I have to acknowledge his use of language (and, technology & propaganda) to stir a nation.


Unfortunately, the use of language is frequently underestimated these days. Few Americans use proper spelling and even fewer utilize proper grammar. Psychology, Television, Radio, Music, and a million other concepts have language as a premise. Nothing underlies our culture more than language—aside from our DNA. However, very few individuals use language to their advantage. However, churches and religious institutions do. Ministers, preachers, politicians, and CEO’s do. Presidents do. Judges and attorneys do. Teachers do. Self-made Millionaires do. Self-made Billionaires do. The Wealthy do. The Successful do
Notice a pattern??? Successful people learned and mastered the use of language to become successful in the first place. Can you name a single self-made successful man or woman who hasn’t mastered how to communicate in one way or another??? I can’t It’s not by accident.


The point of this article is not to refresh your memory about who are some of the best writers, poets, playwrights, speakers, orators, politicians, and ministers of our time. The point is to illustrate the utter power of words, speech, and language to move people—including the utterers themselves. It may also prompt you to read up on these individuals to see how they achieved their success. Hopefully, this list makes it clear to you that that language that you use not only matters to others (especially those in positions of power and influence)—it also matters to YOU! Did you catch that???

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One cultural phenomenon that I’ve noticed in the last decade is that when someone utters something comedic, at least one person will respond with the phrase “You so stupid!!!” after bellowing a large laugh. Now, on the surface of it, this may not seem like a big deal
The person who utters the comment “You’re so stupid” is just being silly (and, consequently, means no harm), and hopefully the person who uttered the joke in the first place understands that as well (on at least a conscious level). However, what neither party understands is that the phrase “You’re so stupid” isn’t just heard and interpreted by the “Conscious” part of the Mind—it’s also filtered into the “Unconscious” portion of the mind. You may or may not have heard of the phrase “You have to see it to believe it.” On the face of it the phrase seems to be suggesting that seeing something is proof that it exists. However, on a deeper, more unconscious level, it “really” means “I think, therefore I am.” You have to see yourself as being something before you can be that thing or characteristic If you don’t believe it, then it’s not possible. If you can conceive (of) it, then it’s a possibility The same relationship between “Seeing” and “Believing” also exists between “Saying”, “Hearing”, and “Believing.” If you hear something enough times, you’ll come to believe it—regardless of the truth of it. Therefore, you have to become accountable for what you “say and hear” if you want to be accountable for what you “think and do!”

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Let me say that again: In order to be successful, then you have to engage in success-, empowerment-, &/or prosperity- minded actions and behaviors. In order to engage in behaviors and actions that lead to success, you have to have thoughts that lead to actions that lead to success. In order to have successful thoughts, you have to become fully accountable for what you see, hear, and say!

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If you surround yourself with positive utterances, you will have positive thoughts. If you’re surrounded by criticism, then you’ll have thoughts that lead you to doubts. If you’re surrounded by supportive words, then you’ll have thoughts that reflect confidence, competence, and high self-esteem. This all makes sense. However, what you may not realize is that you are not only affected by what others say to you—you are also impacted by the words that you utter to others. This is called the “Mirror” effect. When you do things to others, you’re also doing them to yourself. When you say things to others, you’re also saying those same things to “Different Parts” of yourself
So, choose your words “WISELY!”—Because, you are also speaking to yourself and the multiple parts of your consciousness.

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I know that some of my words “Resonate” with you. Words, Phrases, Language, and speech have been shown to move mountains, people, ideas, and cultures. Just like the scales of a flute can be used to tame the most vicious of cobras, so too can your words be used to calm your Inner Demons while revealing your Inner Strengths. To find out more about how you can use your words, speech, language, thoughts, and feelings to help you achieve results, success, & prosperity, contact us at MLC of Greater Atlanta in order to schedule your FREE Initial Consultation TODAY! I guarantee you that the OUTCOMES will be Words to your Eyes & Ears!!!


David A. Wright, MD, MBA, MHSA (Medical Legal Consultants of Greater Atlanta)

Dr. Wright is a Board Certified Physician Hypnotherapist, Board Certified NLP Practitioner, Board Certified TimeLine Therapy
® Practitioner, Board Certified NLP Mental Health Coach, & Psychoanalyst in training.

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